A full list of my publications can be found on ADS.

First-authored publications

  1. van Son, L. A. C.; de Mink, S. E; Renzo, M.; Justham, S.; Zapartas, E.; Breivik, K. ; Callister, T. ; Farr, W. M. ; Conroy, C.
    “No peaks without valleys: The stable mass transfer channel for gravitational-wave sources in light of the neutron star-black hole mass gap.” , ApJ, 940, 184, (2022)
  2. van Son, L. A. C.; de Mink, S. E.; Chruslinska, M. ; Conroy, C. ; Pakmor, R. ; Hernquist, L.,
    “The locations of features in the mass distribution of merging binary black holes are robust against uncertainties in the metallicity-dependent cosmic star formation history.” , arXiv:2209.03385 (submitted to ApJ)
  3. van Son, L. A. C.; de Mink, S. E; Callister, T.; Justham, S.; Renzo, M.; Wagg, T.; Broekgaarden, F.; Kummer,F.; Pakmor, R.; Mandel, I.
    “The redshift evolution of the binary black hole merger rate: a weighty matter ” , ApJ, 931 17,(2022)
  4. van Son, L. A. C.; de Mink, S. E; Broekgaarden, F. S.; Renzo, M.; Justham, S.; Laplace, E.; Morán Fraile, J. Hendriks, D. D.; R. Farmer,
    “Polluting the pair-Instability mass gap with super-Eddington accretion in binary systems” , ApJ, 897 100, (2020)
  5. van Son, L. A. C.; Barber, C.; Bahé, Y. M.; Schaye, J.; Barnes, D. J.; Crain, R. A.; Kay, S. T.; Theuns, T.; Dalla Vecchia, C.,
    “Galaxies with monstrous black holes in galaxy cluster environments” , MNRAS, 485 396, (2019)

Co-authored publications

  1. - Ruediger Pakmor, (w/ 8 further co-authors including van Son, L. A. C.)
    “Formation and fate of low-metallicity stars in TNG50” , MNRAS, 512 3602 (2022)
  2. - Broekgaarden, F. S. et al., (w/ 11 further co-authors including van Son, L. A. C.),
    “Impact of Massive Binary Star and Cosmic Evolution on Gravitational Wave Observations II: Double Compact Object Mergers” , MNRAS stac1677 (2022)
  3. - Wagg, Tom ; Broekgaarden, Floor S. ; de Mink, Selma E. ; van Son, Lieke A. C. ; Frankel, Neige ; Justham, Stephen,
    “Gravitational wave sources in our Galactic backyard: Predictions for BHBH, BHNS and NSNS binaries detectable with LISA” , arXiv:2111.13704 (Subm. to ApJ)
  4. - Naidu, Rohan P. (w/ 12 further co-authors including van Son, L. A. C.)
    “Evidence from Disrupted Halo Dwarfs that r-process Enrichment via Neutron Star Mergers is Delayed by ≥ 500Myrs” , ApJL 926 L36 (2022)
  5. - COMPAS team et al. (w/ 21 further co-authors including van Son, L. A. C.)
    “Rapid stellar and binary population synthesis with COMPAS” , ApJS 258 34 (2022)
  6. - Law-Smith, J., A., P.; (w/ 12 further co-authors including van Son, L. A. C.)
    “Successful Common Envelope Ejection and Binary Neutron Star Formation in 3D Hydrodynamics.” , arXiv:2011.06630 (Subm. to ApJ)
  7. - Renzo, M.; Callister, T.; Chatziioannou, K.; van Son, L. A. C.; Mingarelli, C., M., F.; Cantiello, M.; Ford, K., E., S.; McKernan, B.; and Ashton, G.,
    “Prospects of gravitational-waves detections from common-envelope evolution with LISA” , ApJ, 919 128 (2021)
  8. – Renzo, M.; Hendriks, D. D.; van Son, L. A. C.; Farmer, R.
    “Pair-instability Mass Loss for Top-down Compact Object Mass Calculations” , Res. Notes AAS, 6 25 (2022)